Changing the gun culture of North Carolina requires educating voters, effectively lobbying elected representatives, and supporting pro-gun safety candidates for state offices.

These tasks are being carried out by the NCGV Action Fund, a sister organization of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV).   The fund's 501(c)(4) nonprofit charter allows us to back candidates who will enact sensible gun-safety measures and fight against those who would strip our state of strong, effective gun legislation. The mission of the NCGV Action Fund is to educate North Carolinians on the issue of gun violence.

Thus the Action Fund is essential to NCGV's mission of making North Carolina's people safe from gun violence. Click here if you would like to better understand the difference between 501(c)(4) and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

We are the only statewide gun-safety organization in NC, and we are supported by and guided by your support, including financial donations.

Together we can end gun violence.

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