Pittsburgh and November 6th


Saturday, we suffered yet another an unspeakable tragedy, this time at a Pittsburgh synagogue. As we grieve, we must ask how such a dangerous individual was able to obtain so many weapons and use them to destroy so many lives. Hate and easy access to guns are a deadly combination.

We must address our weak gun laws and the hatred underlying these horrific acts in order to prevent future tragedies. In NC that means keeping and strengthening our gun laws. The NCGV Action Fund is working tirelessly to inform voters about the attempt to make our gun laws weaker by NC House members.

Most egregious is the state House’s passage of HB 746, an outrageous bill that would severely weaken NC’s concealed carry weapons permitting system and allow 18-year olds with no training and no background checks to carry hidden loaded weapons in public.

Four House members from Mecklenburg County who voted for HB 746 are in very competitive elections this fall. Mecklenburg House districts 98, 103, 104 and 105 are held by representatives John Bradford, Bill Brawley, Andy Dulin, and Scott Stone. All four face strong challengers.

To highlight their votes supporting HB 746 and the opposing views of their challengers, the Action Fund has created some online video ads. Here is a link to one of the videos on YouTube you can view and share: Support Strong Background Checks in NC. The Action Fund believes that such surgical precision social media ads about this vote can help inform swing voters in these mostly suburban Mecklenburg County districts.

Voters need to know who will work in Raleigh to put people’s safety first and this video helps make clear to Charlotte area voters where their representatives stand on gun control issues.

So, please, share this video with your friends and neighbors and contribute to help fund more ad buys.  Then follow us on Facebook to see this and other videos!

The time is now.



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