NCGV Action Fund Launches Video Ads To Inform Voters

On November 6th, North Carolinians have opportunity to elect candidates who put safety first when voting on gun-related legislation.  For example, the House of the NC General Assembly actually approved HB 746, a bill allowing anyone 18 or older to carry a hidden, loaded weapon in public with no training or background check.

We need to make sure voters know who in Raleigh will put people’s safety first. To help better educate voters, we have created this video highlighting the votes of 4 representatives in the Charlotte suburbs:


Vote for Common Sense in Mecklenburg County

We need to vote on November 6th like our lives depend on it. Contact us at to find out how your representative voted on HB 746.

There are more videos on our Facebook page and You Tube channel. Please check them out and share. 

PS - the more money we raise, the more widely we can share videos such as these. If you would like to contribute please go here.


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